The choice you make on your siding installation services is a critical decision. That’s why it’s so important to get all of the facts and make the right choice prior to replacing your home’s siding.

Engineered Wood Siding

It’s easy to give your home the rich, premium look of natural wood with LP SmartSide siding and exterior trim. LP SmartSide products are the perfect complement for many styles of homes.

Whether you’re building a contemporary home, or just want to freshen your existing home, LP SmartSide siding and exterior trim is the smart choice.

All LP SmartSide products feature a deeply textured cedar grain pattern for a true wood appearance. Our installation team can shape and cut LP SmartSide products to create the style you want, while adding real craftsmanship and curb appeal. And with the option of painting your siding any color, you’ll get the feel and look you’ve always wanted.

Vinyl Siding

At Knight Construction Services we offer a wide variety of vinyl siding options to complement any home’s exterior and to fit any budget. Available in a wide array of styles, vinyl siding can replicate the look of wood siding without all of the maintenance that usually goes along with it. There have been many advancements made in vinyl siding which has made the siding stronger, more energy-efficient, more resistant to fade and more visually appealing.

Steel Siding

Knight Construction Services offers a wide variety of steel siding options.

Because of its natural strength and durability, steel has been long been considered an exceptional value. The wood grain patterns on steel siding will vary offering a unique blend of texture and style with many available.